Bike Courses in London

Bike courses in london

Compulsory Basic Training

For CBT in East London and CBT in Essex phone 01708 734121

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The CBT is a course that is designed to introduce you to motorcycling. It is not a test. It contains 5 modules that once completed successfully, will allow you to ride on the road unsupervised as a learner. You are restricted to the following though:

  • You may ride up to a maximum of 125cc (depending on your age and licence categories).
  • You must display L-plates, front and rear.
  • You cannot carry pillion passengers.
  • You cannot ride on motorways.

A1 Licence

Once you have completed your CBT, you should take further training. If you are aged between 17 and 19 and have passed the motorcycle theory test you may train and test on a 125cc (14.4 bhp)machine, you will then be able to ride a motorcycle that has a maximum power output of no more than 14.6 and of 125cc (use motorways carry passengers), this restriction lasts for 2 years from the date that you passed your test. At the end of the 2 year period, you may take another test on a machine of at least 395cc and between 33-46.6 bhp(Module1 and Module2) you may then ride any motorcycle/scooter giving a maximum power output of no more than 46.6 bhp

Academy Motorcycle Training can offer either intensive full licence courses over consecutive days, or we can break the training up into individual days based around your free time.

Call Academy Motorcycle Training on 01708 734121 to book.

A2 Licence

If you are aged between 19-24, and have successfully completed your CBT and motorcycle theory test, you may take a practical test on a machine of at least 395cc with a power output of between 33-46.6 bhp. Once you have passed the test you may ride any size of machine with a maximum power of 46.6bhp. After two years you may then take another test (Module1 and Module2) on a machine of at least 595cc with a minimum power of 53.6 bhp, you may then ride any size machine with no power restrictions

Direct Access (DAS)

If you are aged 24 years or over you may take the Direct Access licence, you will need to have completed CBT and the motorcycle theory test. The practical test must be taken on a machine of at least 595cc and with a minimum of 53.6 bhp. Once you have passed you may ride any machine of your choice with no restrictions

Theory Test Training

Academy Motorcycle Training can supply training aids for home use.

Advanced Tuition

Academy Motorcycle Training are able to offer both intermediate (for newly qualified licence holders) and advanced tuition, for those wishing to either take the advanced test or to just fine tune their motorcycling skills.

Born Again Courses

If you already hold a full licence, but it has been some time before you last rode, Academy Motorcycle Training can arrange a course of lessons for you, either on your own machine or on one of our larger capacity bikes.

Instructor Training Courses

Academy Motorcycle Training offer Instructor training to the highest level, conducted by our Chief Training officer, who has been conducting Instructor Training since 1992.

For CBT in East London and CBT in Essex call 01708 734121

Motorcycle Lessons, Scooter Lessons in Essex, bike courses in London and East London, motorcycle lessons call Academy Motorcycle Training on 01708 734121

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